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Preparing Students for the 21st Century Global Workplace…

NOBLE is a learning community established in 2009 to  bring together K-16 educators  interested in curriculum and program development that  integrate  the study of foreign language and culture across  disciplines, particularly professional schools.   NOBLE works with educators on interdisciplinary initiatives that promote real-world connections in the classroom and  innovative teaching and learning approaches that prepare students for the 21st century global workplace.

Call for Proposals!

NOBLE invites you to participate in the 2014-15 “Preparing Students for the Global Workplace” webinar series.  Webinars are offered  monthly and last approximately one hour including questions and discussion. Possible topics can range from Language for Specific Purposes (LSP)research, curriculum ideas, LSP course development or assessment, LSP advocacy.  Topics can address secondary and post-secondary levels, any field (legal, business, medical, STEM, etc),  and any language or world region.  For information on past webinars, please visit  http://nble.org/webinars/    or check out the sessions on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLylrmGqeIorfugWW5nZUDxq_zkz7zfWf1

Please submit your proposal idea (maximum 75 words) by August 30th to email hidden; JavaScript is required


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