How Foreign Languages Can Give You the Professional Edge

October 21, 2014 @ 4:00 pm
Mary Risner

How Foreign Languages Can Give You the Professional Edge

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This presentation will address the disconnect between the opportunities for careers in foreign languages and the number of U.S. students studying foreign languages and acquiring the necessary skills. The foreign language sector offers a wide range of opportunities in business and in the language services sector, as translators and interpreters, in addition to more traditional and better-known opportunities in education.

Students are generally unaware of the opportunities and of the training and education necessary.  Education is necessary to increase awareness and to empower students to develop the necessary foreign language skills.


Presenter: Kathleen Stein Smith, Associate University Librarian and Adjunct Faculty Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ


Kathleen Stein Smith participated as the French language facilitator at the “Many Languages One World” Essay Contest and Global Youth Forum, sponsored by ELS and the UN Academic Impact in June 2014 and spoke at the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) annual convention in July 2014.

She is the author of The U.S. Foreign Language Deficit and Our Economic and National Security: A Bibliographic Essay on the U.S. Language Paradox, and of the U.S. Foreign Language Deficit and How It Can Be Effectively Addressed in a Globalized World:  A Bibliographic Essay, both Edwin Mellen Press, 2013, several recent articles that have appeared in Language Magazine, FDU Magazine, Babel Magazine, Multilingual Magazine, and the Journal of Languages for Specific Purposes,  and “Language Matters,” at

Her interests include foreign languages and foreign language education, foreign language as a global competency, career opportunities in foreign language, and cultural intelligence (CQ).

She has taught foreign languages at the college and university level, the middle school and high school level, and to adult community school learners.  She has also served as the first Public Library Director Bilingual in English and Spanish in the State of New Jersey.

She received her Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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