Graduate Student Opportunities

Global Perspectives for Specific Needs 

Bringing together graduate students for interdisciplinary collaboration to promote language learning and culture awareness and to prepare students for global careers. 

Who are we?

We are a group of graduate students of different disciplines and backgrounds who share a passion for language learning and culture, particularly languages for specific purposes (LSP).  If you want to help us promote language learning across the disciplines to prepare intercultural citizens, join us! Open to ALL languages, world regions, and professions.

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Why Join the Grad Group?

  • Connect to like-minded colleagues from around the world. Build your professional network before graduation!
  • Build your CV/resume with knowledge/skills in the growing field of LSP
  • Learn about global internships/job opportunities in various fields of interest
  • Disseminate your work- spread your research and work amongst others in the field
  • Share ideas, personal reflections, stories, and comments through our blog and receive feedback
  • Participate in webinars and other professional development opportunities
  • Identify resources. Gain access to authentic materials such as videos and articles
  • Continue to promote language learning across the globe!