Graduate Student Group

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I join if I’m not a Graduate student?
We encourage all prospective, current, and recent university graduate students to join our group to share their work and network.

Is there a fee to join?
NO. Joining is free, so join today!

How do I post and share my research and professional work?
Please send us an email and we would love to publish your work on the website.

What does a member do?
Group members are a key part of the system. Members participate in our events and share their ideas with others who are also interested in the professional use of languages. We also encourage members to provide their own feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us for webinar/event requests and to make suggestions on how we can better unite the professional language community.

Do I have to speak a specific language?
NO. The Graduate Group is open to ALL languages.

Do you have a list of professions that are acceptable to join the Graduate Group?
We do not have a list of professions because anyone working on a degree related in any way to language is accepted. So, if language is incorporated into your profession, please join!

Where can I find more information on international internship/job opportunities?
This part of our website is currently under construction, so please visit our site again soon for more information.



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