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It is important to publish your work and findings to get your name out in public spaces. Our site is one of the few places where those interested in language and culture can do this! Please do not hesitate to comment and connect through our social media sites.

You can also submit your work to us for publishing on our blog!

Blog Submission Steps:

1. Submit your work- click here to access our online submission form, and either paste your text or upload a file. Please be sure to include at least one picture
2. We will review your work for approval. After it is approved, we will advise you about the publication date
3. Your material will be published on our blog with your name (or anonymously)


Feel free to submit any work that shows the use of world languages in the global workforce. New and previously written pieces are both acceptable.

Example blog topics:

  • Personal study abroad, global internships or work experience
  • Language use in your career
  • Book/article reviews
  • The importance of languages
  • Getting involved in global careers

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