LSP Graduate Research

Marlee Stein

  • Institution: Northwestern University
  • Country: United States
  • Scope of LSP Research:

“How can interdisciplinary content-based foreign language courses taught at US higher education institutions play a role in students’ preparation for and experience in a language immersion study abroad program academically, socially, and professionally?”  I am interested to see if there is a connection between type of prior foreign language coursework and students’ subsequent study abroad experience, specifically looking at content-based foreign language courses and languages for specific purposes models. I will be mainly focusing on the student experience by doing in depth interviews or case studies.  To supplement that material I am doing artifact analysis of courses taught at two research institutions and faculty interviews to learn more about the pedagogy and learning goals of the courses. 

Carolina Egúsquiza

  • Institution: University of Antwerp
  • Country: Belgium
  • Scope of LSP Research:

Her current research involves integrating intercultural communication tasks into Business Spanish MOOC modules. Her ambition is to create opportunities for students on a global stage, by helping promote multilingualism, intercultural competence, and international exchange programs. She also hopes to help train future language teachers. She strongly believes in the benefits of technology integration to support pedagogical principles, to promote content creation among teachers and learners and to facilitate networking through social media.

Carolina Molina Martín

  • Institution: Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid, Facultad de las Artes y las Letras, Departamento de Lenguas Aplicadas y Educación
  • Country: Spain
  • Scope of LSP Research:

Her research topic is the development of the intercultural competence and service learning in LSP courses, specifically in Medical Spanish classes.

  • Graduation Date: September 2016

Robin Mosley Vaughan

  • Institution: Urbana Champaign, Illinois
  • Country: United States
  • Scope of LSP Research:

Robin is working on her dissertation in the department of education policy, organization and leadership that focuses on identity, modern language, and career interests and experiences of college language learners. Specifically, she wants to find out what aspects of identity shapes college student interest in modern language learning and how language, race, class, and gender are understood as a part of their career interests and career experiences.

Beatriz Sedano Cuevas

  • Institutions: UNED (Spanish Open University)
  • Country: Spain
  • Scope of LSP Research:

Beatriz is working on a project in relation to Spanish for Tourism. The theme of her thesis is the design of courses for Spanish to be used for travel and tourism and IT. For one part of her research she has designed a MOOC in the ECO Project, “Spanish for travellers”, focused on real-life situations and targeting intermediate Spanish Language students planning a visit to Spain. She wants to find out if sMOOCs typology, with the use of social networks and OER (Open Educational Resources) contribute to the development of the participants as autonomous learners who will be able to carry out their actions in the language within a globalised context.

Rita Jesus Leduc

  • Institution: Universidade Aberta
  • Country: Portugal
  • Scope of LSP Research: Business Portuguese, E-learning, Intercultural Communication

Her main research areas are Business Portuguese, E-learning and Intercultural Communication. She believes that in the globalized world we live in technologies play an important role in foreign language teaching bringing people closer together and providing easy access to authentic materials. Through her research study on Business Portuguese courses, she concluded that most learners value an intercultural approach and the use of authentic materials, since it prepares them at an intercultural level for a global job market and very often determines the success of business interactions.

Ellen Street

  • Institution: University of Missouri
  • Country: United States
  • Scope of LSP Research:

She is currently earning her M.Ed. in TESOL. Her goal is to improve English spoken by professionals for increased understanding in global exchange of ideas and research and her focus is language and culture in the workplace and professional development for the English learner. She spent two years in southern Spain to research the Andalusian dialect and was employed by the Universidad of Cadiz as an international student advisor for the ERASMUS program.

  • Webinar on research project: click here

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