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Why Working Abroad is a Good Career MoveTen career paths

In today’s world, people are eager to go to college or university and immediately being working and becoming successful professionals. Many people do not fully grasp the concept of working oversees and do not realize the immense opportunities that can arise from it. Explore a list of some of the most important reasons why individuals should go abroad and how working oversees can help your career.

Not sure if you’re career can be international? View these videos to discover how learning another language can benefit you.

 Job and Internship Search Databases

There are a number of options for looking for global jobs. Searching individual company website is always an option, but there are also a number of global career databases.  

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.11.12Lingoo offers language immersion opportunities for children and young adults from 6 to 18+ years old. You can join as a parent or school administrator and book either a language exchange or a paid stay for your children or students, and/or offer a home stay that can last from a week to a year.


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.10.03A nonprofit and online database of professional, global opportunities. This network advertises paid jobs, paid/unpaid internships, volunteer opportunities, events, and opportunities around the world. The majority of postings are related to humanitarian work across disciplines.


cieeLogo206x90An international education and exchange program that offers work abroad programs in the US for international participants and abroad for US citizens. Includes 7 different international work/internship opportunities.


Spain logoThe Spanish Ministry of Education sponsors openings for US and Canadian Language and Culture Assistants in Spain. Assistants receive a monthly allowance and medical insurance. This eight month placement offers positions to teach in K-12 schools across Spain.


Chile ministerio2

The English Open Doors Program is a fee-free, volunteer initiative to teach in the Chilean Public school system. As part of the Ministry of Education in Chile, this program now offers graduating students two start dates in April or August.





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