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Explore the world, meet new people, learn about another culture, polish your language skills… you will not regret your study abroad experience! Check out our study abroad information page to explore options, overcome culture shock, and learn about the benefits of the study abroad experience.

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Reverse Culture Shock

Life After Study Abroad This is a great website that will help you find answers to culture shock and to discover new abroad experiences that might interest you.

Back from being abroad? Connect with others who are also transitioning from the abroad experience to help you figure out what the next step is and how to re-enter your home country.



Study Abroad Programs

Click here for a list of a few nonprofit/international development study abroad programs for university students. Receive school credits while gaining professional development and an international experience.

An internationcieeLogo206x90al education and exchange program that offers over 200 study abroad programs in more than 40 countries for US college and high school students. Offers fall, spring, and summer options in addition to limited scholarships and grants.

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