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Spanish for Health Care and Human Services: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Intermediate and Advanced Speakers underscores the importance of the integration of the arts and intercultural communication within medical training and well prepares students to competently and compassionately serve Spanish-speaking clients and patients.The book prioritizes students’ development of intercultural communication, recognizing that the ability to mediate between a patient and health practitioner is at the core of the health care fields. Rather than grouping content into lists of words and expressions grouped by semantic fields, it employs a more systematic, research-based approach, using communicative tasks to actively engage students with spoken and written texts, while promoting their linguistic and intercultural skills. Student projects, based and inspired by authentic materials, give learners the opportunity to explore topics of interest while also expanding their linguistic abilities and connecting with Spanish-speaking communities.Designed to effectively prepare students for complex professional situations, Spanish for Health Care and Human Services is an exemplary textbook for intermediate and advanced Spanish speakers within health care and human services educational programs and courses.
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