Introducing: the NOBLE Grad Group

By Ellen Street

Hey students, DON’T MISS OUR OPEN FORUM WEBINAR!! The NOBLE Grad Group has just been created! On November 18th at 4pm EST, the NOBLE Grad Group will be hosting its first virtual chat for you to collaborate on specialized language, study abroad, etc. The Network of Business Language Educators, also known as NOBLE, is a professional learning community working to prepare students for the global workplace. NOBLE has been featured in many publications and provides a monthly webinar series.

The newly created NOBLE Grad Group is a place where grad students can ask questions about business language education, get career advice on working in a global environment, and learn about options for studying and working abroad. Our goal is to bring together graduate students for interdisciplinary collaboration to promote language learning and cultural awareness and to prepare students for global careers! By attending our webinar, you can share your research and ideas through collaboration in an open forum format! Our passions originated in all different backgrounds, but we all share a passion for language and culture and an interest in languages for specific purposes (LSP). By collaborating we will have the opportunity to connect with one another and further improve the materials for LSP. We are here to promote real world connections and prepare students for the global workplace! This will be an opportunity for grad students in the field to share resources and learn more about getting involved in the NOBLE Grad Group.


To join the webinar click here

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