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Business Language in Focus column
Linking language directly to the workplace: Spanish for Healthcare
, Featuring Melissa Swarr.
Margaret Gonglewski, The George Washington University 

Linking Language and Culture Skills to Health Professions by Michelle Josey, Crystal River High School, FL.  Presented at Florida Foreign Language Association, October 2015

Spanish in the Community & the Workplace. (2015). Katrina Beeck, Muskego High School. Muskego, Wisconsin.

Preparing Students for Jobs of the Future (2013)

  • Prepared by Katrina Beeck, Danika Cornelius, Mary Risner, and Mary Swarr presenting their LSP models at the 2013 American Association of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese annual conference.
  • Includes topics such as Spanish for Leadership, Medical Spanish, Spanish for the Community and the Workplace

Spanish for Healthcare (2015).  Melissa Swarr (Formerly of Hempsfield School District)

Span Healthcare
Melissa Swarr, Medical Spanish


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