Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Osijek, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek Lorenza Jägera 9, 31000 Osijek, Croatia

  The Association of LSP Teachers at Higher Education Institutions announces its 6th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE – CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES IN LSP TEACHING. The conference will take place in Croatia, Osijek, 23 – 25 February 2023. Venue Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Osijek, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek Lorenza Jägera 9, 31000 Osijek, Croatia […]

44th Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche en Anglais de Spécialité (GERAS) Conference: Cultures, memories and legacies in specialized English

ENS Paris-Saclay 4 Av. des Sciences, Gif-sur-Yvette

The 44th international GERAS colloquium, organized at ENS Paris-Saclay on March 23, 24 and 25, 2023, will focus on cultures, memories, and legacies in specialized English. The specialization of the English language can be thought of as a phenomenon that is at once cultural, memorial and heritage: using specialized varieties of English is in fact showing one's adherence […]

CIBER USA – Business Language Research & Teaching (BLRT) Awards Nomination

The Business Language Research and Teaching grants were established in 2010 by a consortium of 13 Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) who pledged a portion of their Title VI funding from the US Department of Education to encourage faculty and graduate students in foreign language departments to add a business-language dimension to […]

The 76th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language (KFLC) Conference


Founded in 1948, the KFLC is one of the country's longest-running literary, linguistics, pedagogy, and technology conferences.  Our event takes place each April at the University of Kentucky campus, in Lexington, Kentucky.  We host over 650 participants annually, and over 85% of our presenters hold Ph.D.s in their respective fields.  Both domestic and international scholars […]

Second Language Multimodal Literacies (L2ML) Symposium


In recent years, studies of multimodal communication and composition from education, literacy studies, and applied linguistics have fueled intense discussions about the place of non-verbal modes in the historically lingua-centric field of second language teaching and learning. These conversations and the research that supports them have been motivated by innovations in digital technologies, which encourage […]

IV Jornadas de Español para Fines Específicos de Vienna (JEFE – Vi) / Fourth Annual Conference on Spanish for Specific Purposes in Vienna (IV JEFE -Vi)

Vienna University of Economics and Business Welthandelspl. 1, Wien

The Conference on Spanish for Specific Purposes in Vienna (JEFE-Vi)  aims to be a meeting and exchange place for all those who are dedicated to research and teaching in this field. Through presentations on theoretical reflections, empirical results or didactic experiences, they aim to supplement both the professional development of teachers and the establishment of contacts […]

3rd International Conference of the Slovene Association of LSP Teachers

Rimske Terme Thermal Resort, Slovenia

Dedicated to LSP professional development and research, the Slovene Association of LSP teachers (SDUTSJ) managed to bring together LSP teachers and researchers from around the world in its previous 2017 and 2020 conferences. In the same spirit as the two previous highly acclaimed conferences, the 2023 conference will provide a unique forum for LSP experts and […]

Semmelweis Medical Linguistics Conference 2023: Impact of Sociocultural Factors on Health Communication Hybrid Conference

Hybrid; Semmelweis University, Basic Medical Science Center (EOK) H-1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó u. 37-43 H-1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó u. 37-43, Budapest

  Keynote speakers include: Dr. Sara Bigi (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) Title of keynote speech: Doing pragma-linguistic analysis of discourse in medical settings: methodological and ethical issues Dr. Zsofia Demjen (University College London) Title of keynote speech: Patient discourse online: sociocultural factors and beyond Dr. Jan Engberg (Aarhaus University) Title of keynote speech: Disseminating our knowledge or […]

AELFE-LSPPC International Conference 2023

Edificio Ibercaja Centro de Congresos in Zaragoza, Spain San Ignacio de Loyola, 16, Zaragoza, Zaragoza

This joint international conference brings together the 21st annual conference of the European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes (AELFE2023) and the 7th Conference of the Asia-Pacific LSP & Professional Communication Association (LSPPC7). Both associations promote the use of languages for specific purposes and professional communication. The main goal of this joint conference is to create […]