Starting a K-12 LSP Program

Starting an LSP Course

Spanish for Leadership Program Model

Course proposal form- Spanish For Leadership 
By Cristin Bleess, (Formerly at Castle View High School, Colorado, USA)  Currently Curriculum designer at Wayside Publishing.

Preparing Global Leaders Through the Spanish Classroom: How to get a Spanish for Leadership class started at your school too!
Presentation by Cristin Bleess at the 2011 Florida Foreign Language Association (FFLA) Conference

Spanish for Leadership & Business
Presentation of two  high school models at by Bleess, Cornelius, and Risner the 2012 Florida Foreign Language Association Annual Conference (FFLA)


Spanish for Healthcare Model (Connecting World Languages and CTE)

Linking Language and Culture Skills to Health Professions by Michelle Josey, Crystal River High School, FL.  Presented at Florida Foreign Language Association, October 2015

Preparing a Globally Prepared Workforce through High-Quality Career and Technical Education

General LSP Models

Presentations from the panel at the Second International Symposium on Languages for Specific Purposes (ISLSP-2014) on Meeting Industry Needs Through LSP Innovation in US Schools-  NOBLE Project/K-12 Initiatives


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