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Google Map of LSP Associations Around the World(Please let us know if your organization is missing.)


International Symposium of Languages for Specific Purposes (ISLSP)/CIBER Business Language Conference

European Centre for Modern Languages of Council of Europe (ECML). The International events calendar allows you both to search for events and promote your own activities related to languages and language education. You will be able to find/advertise details of conferences, workshops and other language-related activities taking place in Europe and beyond.

Languages for Specific Purposes in Higher Education (LSPHE)LSPHE holds an annual conference and has LSP resources on their webpage.

Congreso Internacional de Español para Fines específicos (CIEFE) es un marco de difusión y promoción del español de dimensiones internacionales centrado en el español para fines específicos.  Location and conference offerings vary by year.

Asociación Europea de Lenguas para Fines Específicos/European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes (AELFE)  Held annually in various locations in Europe.

Groupe d’Étude et de Recherche en Espagnol de Spécialité(GERES)  Annual conference held in Spanish in rotating locations of France.

Jornadas de Español para Fines Específicos de Viena (JEFE)

Slovenian Association of Teachers of LSP

Encuentro Latinoamericano de Español para Fines Específicos.-Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (ELEFE)  Online conference in Spanish partnering with various regions of the world each year.  2020 and 2021 were first conferences.


“Preparing Students for the Global Workplace”NOBLE Webinar Series (2015-17)

American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). German and STEM Webinars

Past Events

AELFE-TAPP 2020 Conference – “Multilingual academic and professional communication in a networked world.”
This joint AELFE-TAPP Conference brings together the 19th annual conference of AELFE (Asociación Europea de Lenguas para Fines Específicos/European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes) and the 2nd Conference of the Trans-Atlantic and Pacific Project (TAPP), a growing virtual exchange network that has developed transnational collaborative projects on specialised communication, translation and user experience.

13th International Conference on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media
Location: Berlin, Germany
When: June 8-10, 2020

EST Congress 2019 – Living Translation
The 9th Congress of the European Society for Translation Studies will be hosted in South Africa, at Stellenbosch University, from 9 to 13 September 2019.

The Second Symposium on French for Specific Purposes: Topicality of the field, the omnipresence of languages for specific purposes (LSP)
Saarland University of Applied Sciences, Saarbrücken, Germany, 19-29 February 2019.More info

The 4th International Conference of the Association of LSP Teachers at Higher Education Institutions: From theory to practice in language for specific purposes (LSP)
Libertas International University, Zagreb, Croatia 21-23 February 2019. More info

The 54th RELC International Conference & 5th Asia-Pacific Language for Specific Purposes and Professional Communication Conference 2019
Singapore, 11-13 March, 2019. More info

Call for Papers: Alien in LSP Classroom
Institute of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, 31 July 2019. More info

Business Language Research and Teaching Awards: Proposal Deadline
In 2019, three awards of $2,000 will be awarded to research or teaching projects in foreign languages. Proposal deadline: 2 April  2019. More info

French for Professional Purposes Training: Teaching Medical French
University of Florida, U.S. 20-24 May 2019. More Info

18th AELFE conference: Envisioning the future in academic and professional languages: emerging trends in teaching and research
University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, 20 and 21 June 2019. More info

The 22nd Conference on Languages for Specific Purposes 2019: Mediating Specialized Knowledge Challenges and Opportunities for LSP Communication, Translation and Research
University of Padova, Padua, Italy 10-12 July 2019. More info

Instructor, Researcher, Expert… LSP teacher competences in contemporary foreign language education
Uniwersytet Marii Curie, Lublin, 19-20 November 2018. More info

10th Annual: Global Advances in Business and Communication
Location: University of Antwerp, Belgium on Languages for Specific Purposes.

Centro di Ricerca sui Linguaggi Specialistici; Research- Centre on Languages for Specific Purposes (CERLIS). Founded in 1999 to promote research in the area of languages for specific purposes both on a synchronic and a diachronic level.

European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes / Asociación Europea de Lenguas para Fines Específicos (AELFE). Information on the 2015 conference held in Bucharest, Romania is here.

Grupo de Estudio e Investigación en Español de Especialidad (GERES).  XIV Encuentro Internacional del GERES. La temática será “El español de los negocios”.

Global Advances in Business Communication Annual Conference (GABC).  This event rotates between the U.S., Malaysia, Belgium and now Mexico.   Click here for more information.

21st European LSP Symposium in Norway.    



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