Eastern Michigan University Business Language Conferences

CIBER Business Language Conferences

VI ISLSP CIBER Business Language Conference 2022   University of Chicago.     April 21-22, 2022. Hyde Park, Chicago.    Organized by Dr. Darcy Lear.

V ISLSP/CIBER Business Language Conference 2020   University of North Carolina, Charlotte.  Organized by Dr. Chris Mellinger and Dr. Michael Doyle.   PROGRAM

IV ISLSP/CIBER Business Language Conference 2018      University of Florida.  Organized by Dr. Mary Risner

III ISLSP/CIBER Business Language Conference 2016    University of Arizona.  Organized by Dr. Barbara Lafford and Dr. Carmen King-Ramirez.

II ISLSP 2014     University of Colorado, Boulder. Organized by Dr. Mary Long.

I ISLSP 2012      University of Alabama, Birmingham. Organized by Dr. Lourdes Sanchez-Lopez.  (ISLSP founder)
CIBER Business Language Conferences





Photos from past ISLSP conferences (2012 through 2016):



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