Violeta Jurković-ESP

Violeta Jurković is Associate Professor of English and Chair for Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is an established Member of the Senate at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport and Member of the Commission for Quality Assurance at the University of Ljubljana.

Her main research interests include Maritime English, ESP/EAP methodology and education, mobile assisted language learning and ESP/EAP discourse.
She is a Member of the Editorial Board of the journal of the Slovene Association of LSP Teachers Scripta Manent, Co-editor of the monograph LSP Research in Slovenia and Conference Coordinator of the 1st international LSP conference in Slovenia. She is Head of the Slovenian group involved in the Erasmus+ project TRAILs: LSP Teacher Training Summer School and Head of the Slovenian Terminology in Maritime English project.  (Text from FIPLV)



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